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The BizualBuilder is a powerful and flexible dashboarding product, enabling you to rapidly and simply build a dashboard screen that displays key indicators of your organization. Using the BizualBuilder, you can make a dashboard more easily as it provides diverse components such as easy-to-read chart, guage, grid, counter and label. It also delivers professional and efficient editing and management functionalities as well as pre-defined styles.

The BizualBuilder benefits:

  1. A Variety of Useful Components
  • Come with various graphic components such as Chart, Gauge, Grid, Counter and etc.
  • Provide Components specialized in monitoring IT infrastructure such as Node, EventGrid and Ticker messages and etc.
  1. Easy-to-Use and Effective Functions
  • Support drag & drop to apply, enlarge, reduce, move and adjust element configuration
  • Support copy & paste Elements, Adapters and Datasets
  • Support multiple-selection and grouping of Elements
  • Support preview of connected data and the dashboard screen
  1. Management Support Regarding Scalability
  • Enables reuse and sharing of Components using Template function
  • Enables you to share your dashboard with others
  • Enables tagging to each Component
  • Supports image upload onto your local PC
  1. Ability to Edit Specific Properties
  • Provide detailed description on every Element using the sophisticated editing UI
  • Support data setting, event and action mapping for every Element
  • Support specific display effect of Element in event mapping
  1. Pre-defined Styles
  • Support immediate application of a pre-defined style without additional setting
  • Provide adopted concept of Portlets
  • Provide pre-defined samples of Adapters, Datasets and View configuration
  • Provide various pre-designed images
  1. Efficient Data Filtering and Mapping
  • Supports a single connection to data source using connection tools
  • Supports application of filtering and mapping technique to connected data
  • Supports reuse of the filtered data
  1. Diverse Data Sources
  • Connect directly to various data sources in real-time
  • Support RDBMS including Oracle, DB2, SQL Server, MySQL, Sybase, Cubrid, PostgreSQL, Derby and Tibero Database
  • Support IBM solutions including IBM Tivoli OMNIbus Object Server DB, ITM WAREHOUS DB, and ITM SOAP
  1. Security
  • Account information, user ID and password for data source connection are handled in encrypted format
  • According to the authority, user IDs are classified in Manager, Operator and User
  • Operator and User can see the dashboard screen that is shared only


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